Saturday, November 11, 2006

Teluk Batik Beach

Looking for a great picnic ground for the weekend? About 6.5 kilometres from Lumut lies Teluk Batik, a favourite spot for campers, picnickers, swimmers and sun-lovers.

We’ve been there once and found it was so suitable for family picnic. Facilities such as chalets, toilet, restaurants and souvenir centre are provided to make your stay an enjoyable and fun-filled experience. The most important for me there is a toilet. No toilet means no enjoy.

For your information each year in August, the Pesta Laut Lumut (Lumut Sea Festival) is held here. It is an event that is filled with sea sports competitions, cultural shows and fun-and-food fairs for the young and the old to enjoy. Please check with the Perak Tourist information Centre for the actual date of Pesta Laut Lumut.

How can we get there. Tourists can take a coach or taxi from Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur or Butterworth to Lumut. Alternatively, they can take a train to Ipoh, from where they can transfer to a bus or taxi to Lumut. For Malaysian just drive follow the signboard to Lumut and you will find the beach.