Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The 'Highland' Named Cameron - Cameron Highland

Cameron Highlands was found in 1885 by William Cameron which was eventually have the area named in his honour. William Cameron was on an expedition sent by the British government. The plateau he found is at an altitude of ~6000ft (1,800m) above sea-level and the temperature falls between 8°C and 25°C. It was not fully developed until 1925 that it was then proposed by Sir George Maxwell as a hill resort. It has since become a very popular resort among Malaysians and overseas tourist as well.

Maisarah at strawberry plantations farm

The only way to get to Cameron Highlands is by road. Until a few years back, you could only get to Cameron Highlands from the south via Tapah but since the opening of the new Simpang Pulai road, traveling to the highlands has become much more easier from the north. You can also get here from the east coast via Gua Musang in Kelantan but take note that this road has yet to be gazetted by the authorities.

Cactus Valley

Because we are traveling from south, so we used the new way. It’s quite wider and less windy than the Tapah town exit (the old, much windier road ) If you enjoying driving make sure you drive at Gunung Brinchang Road because it was the most highest road in Malaysia.

Travelling without staying a night there make me feel to visit it once more and having more fun there.