Friday, November 23, 2007

Gunung Belumut

To the northeast of Kluang town in central Johor lies Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest. Gunung Belumut in Malay means “covered or blanketed in moss”.

To get here, head for Kluang town. The entry to Gunung Belumut is along Kluang - Jemaluang trunk road. From the trunk road you have to pass through Felda Ulu Dengar oil palm plantation to reach the park. The waterfalls here cascade at low and moderate heights with the base quite flat. It is popular with among families during holidays.

It is 1010 m in height, putting it among the highest in Johor. This distinctive mountain is also the most prominent landmark in the district of Kluang. The climb to the summit will take about 4-6 hours, making it quite necessary to camp overnight.

We had been there twice, first time before we had a daughter and the second one, with our, 1 and a half year daughter and her first “lifebuoy”.