Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Malaysia's Largest Natural Lake - Tasik Bera

Before this I talked about Tasek Chini, Malaysia's second largest natural lake. Maybe you will ask about the largest natural lake in Malaysia? Where is it? How about it? How large is it? So, today lets talk about it.

The Lake named Tasik Bera. Also located in Pahang state, in the southwest of the state. Tasik Bera is the largest natural lake in Peninsular Malaysia approximately 35km long and 20km wide.It was big isn’t it?

This Largest natural lake in Malaysia area has been home to the indigenious Orang Asli communities of the Semelai tribe for more than 600 years. When Malaysia signed the 'Convention On Wetlands of International Importance', the world's oldest environmental treaty which also known as Ramsar Convention, this lake has been nominated as country's first and to date only Ramsar site.

It is believed to be structurally and floristically unique and also the largest freshwater lake system in Malaysia with catchment area of some 61,000 hectares replenishes more than 7,000 hectares of wetland.

taken from Virtualmalaysia.com

As usual I’d been there, but don’t have a chance to explore more. There is some picture of me at the entry point and at the jetty of the lake.


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